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Best fabric printing books: our selection

When it comes to being an expert in any given category, we can probably all agree that reading is fundamental – and fabric printing is no different!

MatchyMatchydesign has compiled a list of the best fabric printing books for both aspiring textile designers and industry insiders looking to deepen their knowledge.

Our top 7

Textile Designs: Two Hundred Years of European and American Patterns Organized by Motif, Style, Color, Layout, and Period by Susan Meller

This more than exhaustive catalogue dates back to 1991, but is still as relevant as ever. With almost 2000 designs divided into categories, movements and period styles, this book is a colourful bible of print design history, and one of the MatchyMatchy’s founders favourite!

Tissus Art Déco En France by Alain-René Hardy

Alain-René Hardy is a former university professor of linguistics, now recognized as one of the great specialists in the decorative arts of the twentieth century. In this book, the author focuses on the inter-war period and the evolution of fashion and interior design during this time, through the prism of fabric.

The Complete Guide to Designing and Printing Fabric by Laurie Wisburn

Penned by pattern and textile designer Laurie Wisburn, this beautifully illustrated goldmine explores the many steps of the fabric design process, looking into various printing methods and their benefits.
Additionally, the book offers insightful tutorials and includes testimonials from the world’s top textile designers to ensure you’re educated and inspired.

The Printmaking Handbook: The Complete Guide to the Latest Techniques, Tools, and Materials by Louise Woods

The ideal choice for print design rookies, Louise Woods’ The Printmaking Handbook delivers an insightful yet not intimidating overview of both modern and traditional printing methods, as well as helpful tips on how to set up your own workshop.
Though experienced designers might not find it particularly useful to expand their knowledge, this compact book is perfect for those looking to lay solid foundations for their work ethic.

The Complete Pattern Directory: 1500 Designs from All Ages and Cultures by Elizabeth Wilhide

This visual eye candy of a book is perfect to get you through an artist’s slump. Elizabeth Wilhide’s The Complete Pattern Directory offers a whopping 1500 illustrations of patterns from mankind’s history, divided into categories that include Flora, Fauna, Geometric and many others.
Each pattern in the publication is named and presented next to a short description of its origins, making it an essential addition to the libraries of designers, creators and anyone who shares an appreciation for art and history.

Patterns: Inside the Design Library by Peter Koepke

This expert publication is a cleverly written guide to the world’s largest archive of patterns and textiles known as The Design Library.
In the book, Peter Kopeke takes the reader on a tour of the library, exploring some of its most beautiful patterns and explaining how designers from all industries – including names like Calvin Klein or Nike – utilise the archive as their primary source of inspiration.

House of Print: A Modern Block Printer's Journey Through Color, Texture, and Pattern by Molly Mahon

Artisan print designer Molly Mahon takes you on a journey through the world’s first known fabric printing technique: block printing.
It touches on the origins of the ancient technique and how it can be adapted to suit modern-day requirements, enabling you to create unique designs from the comfort of your own home.

Being educated on your craft is the key to success in any line of work, and there are some informative publications available to help you broaden your horizons.

At MatchyMatchydesign, we continue learning every day, deepening our expertise to continue being at the top of our field.

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