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Print Design Studio

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Womenswear prints & patterns

Our textile patterns & designs for women

Women’s’ looks are very infinite in their silhouettes and categories, and can range from soft, delicate, and feminine, to strong, striking, and sophisticated. Discover trending prints and patterns here that are appropriate for your every need while designing female garments. Whether the mood is chic, casual, or urban, our fashion forward patterns express a multifaceted range of choices. This vast array of womenswear prints will pair beautifully with sustainable textile choices – from recycled polyester to natural fibers like tencel, cotton, or rayon. Stay in trend and ride the wave of freshness with an original print that will transform any garment into a showstopper. For a dynamic, urban look, mix large geo prints with solid colours in matte fabrics, or go for a little sensuality with iridescent abstract prints on supple viscose.

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custom Designs

Custom print textiles are created based on each clients’ individual and specific requirements, and we work very closely with the customer during the creative process to establish unique textile designs. All of our designers illustrate by hand with various mediums like inks and paints, which are then digitized on the computer. We also handle the digitalization for brands that buy archives.

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