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Ethnic prints & patterns

Our ethnic prints & designs | Fashion - Home - Stationery

Inspired by the vast cultures of our globe, our ethnic prints aim to showcase heritage patterns in a contemporary way. These prints have existed long before us in their original forms, created by artisans of each singular and unique culture. These complex patterns with specific colour palettes carry centuries of history in their lines, and have withstood the test of time to remain in our eye. Patterns that stem from Indonesian Ikat, West African wax prints that evolved from the Dutch bringing Batik from Indonesia, Aztec, Mayan, or even Incan prints from South America, and Navajo patterns from North America are just the tip of the iceberg of ethnic heritage prints that you may find here. These bold colours and strong patterns have been reinvented for application on apparel, interior design, or even in stationery.

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custom Designs

Custom print textiles are created based on each clients’ individual and specific requirements, and we work very closely with the customer during the creative process to establish unique textile designs. All of our designers illustrate by hand with various mediums like inks and paints, which are then digitized on the computer. We also handle the digitalization for brands that buy archives.

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