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Discover a motley of striking original prints in our collections. Created by a team of 15 experienced textile designers, these trendy patterns are all illustrated by hand in various mediums and are available for exclusive use once purchased.

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Our Studio

London-based Textile Print Design Studio

MatchymatchyDesign was born in 2011 in Paris after founder Jessica Levy Antoni spent 6 years as a freelance designer, learning her craft and exploring the world of fashion. She found a partner to start up the studio, combining their skills of textile design, graphics, and colour to birth MatchyMatchy. From there, our textile print studio moved to Madrid and finally London in 2017, where we have been ever since.

custom Designs

Custom print textiles are created based on each clients’ individual and specific requirements, and we work very closely with the customer during the creative process to establish unique textile designs. All of our designers illustrate by hand with various mediums like inks and paints, which are then digitized on the computer. We also handle the digitalization for brands that buy archives.

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2022-2023 Trends

Discover the next textile and print trends for fall-winter 2022-2023: a season of patterns with bold themes such as reconquest, folly or the return to the essential.

2022-2023 Textile & Pattern trends

At MatchyMatchy we are always on the hunt for the next pattern trends. Discover our thoughts and vision for the 2022-2023 textile design trends in our article below. If you share our vision or want to add your touch, please don’t hesitate to share your ideas of what the next big fashion & prints designs trends will be in the comments section.

textile & print

Fabric plays a great part in everyday human life since the beginning of time, and as a French/Brittish textile studio situated in the metropolitan city of London, we aim to be always in the current trend of things while continuously improving our print textiles designs. Timeless high quality and durable materials and contemporary motifs are a must-have if you’re working with fabric, and we offer all that and more. This season, we show off colour harmonies that are balanced between warm and cool, contrasted artfully with shaded depth.

Cosmetic tones are highlighted with acidic highlighter shades, and monochrome colour schemes are given depth with shadowed patterns. From delicate pales to vivid, invigorating synthetic colours, the dynamics of our textile design is presented in patterns such as reinvented animal motifs, clashing bright geometrics, and abstract florals. We’re keen to show you the product of our creative juices in our vast assortment of bold original prints.


Our textile communities

At MatchyMatchydesign, we know that we’re stronger together – that’s why we’re proud to announce we’re now members of two renowned textile communities: The Pattern...

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History of fabric printing

Though methods and designs have changed, fabric printing remains an ancient art whose roots trace back to the earliest civilisations. However, its purpose remains the...

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