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London-based Textile Print Design Studio

MatchymatchyDesign was born in 2011 in Paris after founder Jessica Levy Antoni spent 6 years as a freelance designer, learning her craft and exploring the world of fashion. She found a partner to start up the studio, combining their skills of textile design, graphics, and colour to birth Matchymatchy. From there, our textile print studio moved to Madrid and finally London in 2017, where we have been ever since.

Boasting a collective of 15 highly skilled surface pattern designers from all over the world, we have come together to create original, imaginative prints for any occasion. We work with various mediums such as paints and oil pastels, which lends a human touch to every unique print. With two collections a year and offering custom print design services, we can fulfill your Fashion, Home and Stationery needs.

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      78 Kingwood Rd,
      London SW6 6SS

      +44 (0)7388694001

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