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Welcome to our FAQs. Here you will find all the questions related to the functioning of our studio and the creation of our unique designs.

Our studio is specialized in “slow fashion”, and boutique collections with a strong identity.

Our team of 20 international designers allows us to be very reactive to develop a collection, and super creative thanks to the different backgrounds and artistic sensibilities present within Matchy.

Since 2011, we have been working with many reference brands in the ready-to-wear and decoration industries, guaranteeing them the exclusivity of our creations, and the confidentiality of our exchanges.

All our prints are printable in a traditional and digital way.

The creative process always starts with the client’s brief. At the same time, our designers conduct research to understand the brand and the collection.

The first sketches are presented to the client: for one design, we send five proposals. Several back and forth with the client are usually needed until the final print decision is made. Matchy also offers to follow up with the factory responsible for the production, and can guide its clients on the choice of the ideal support, from textile to wallpaper. (A very fine design on a fabric with a too coarse weave would lose definition, for example).

Faced with the dimension that “fast fashion” has taken in recent years, it is essential for small and medium-sized brands to have their own identity and marked.

A unique pattern, seen nowhere else, reinforces your brand identity and gives character to the collection.

Once the customer buys one of our prints, or validates his custom print, he becomes the exclusive owner (except in license). In France, there is the Soleau envelope which allows you to legally protect your design with the INPI.

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