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Camouflage prints & patterns

Our camouflage prints & designs | Fashion - Home - Stationery

Before the camouflage print existed, military uniforms were often brighter in colour until the 20th century, where the World Wars started the massive use of the patterns that we know of today. Variations of camouflage included unique prints for matching different battle landscapes – snow, desert, jungle, and forest. Since then, camouflage print has infiltrated popular culture, the hip-hop scene, and streetwear. Artist Andy Warhol created the camouflage series as one of his last works, and American civilians also wore camouflage print as a protest against the Vietnam war. Rappers and skaters later started wearing army gear that they found at thrift stores, and these durable garments became a uniform of sorts in hip-hop culture. Since then, the versatile print has evolved into a vast assortment of styles and colours that both street and high fashion brands use.

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custom Designs

Custom print textiles are created based on each clients’ individual and specific requirements, and we work very closely with the customer during the creative process to establish unique textile designs. All of our designers illustrate by hand with various mediums like inks and paints, which are then digitized on the computer. We also handle the digitalization for brands that buy archives.

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