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Iconic prints throughout fashion’s history

Is there a better way of proving the importance of patterns than by bringing up some of fashion’s most iconic prints?

MatchyMatchyDesign has compiled a list of prints and patterns that hold cult status in the industry and have forever immortalised the names of the Houses that created them.

Burberry Vintage Check

It’s hard to imagine that a brand could claim ownership of a pattern as ubiquitous as check, but Burberry does it organically. Though it’s since seen numerous updates and interpretations, the archival Vintage check first appeared in the 1920s, initially only covering the linings of the label’s bestselling coats. These days, the check can be found on virtually any Burberry creation, proving the heritage brand’s ability to adapt to modern times.

Missoni Zigzag

The colourful zigzag is a Missoni calling card, yet the famous Italian House has not introduced the cult motif until the 1960s – nearly ten years after its founding. The vibrant pattern has become synonymous with the free-spirited mood of the ‘70s and flowing, hippie-style fashion, and until this day, it continues to win over new generations of fashion mavens with its enduring charm and retro appeal.

Goyard Goyardine

The origins of this iconic canvas are unclear, yet its enduring appeal is undeniable. Goyard’s Goyardine print is composed of adjacent Ys, said to either symbolise one of the letters from the brand’s name or the Goyard family’s three generations dedicated to crafting luxury handbags and luggage. Regardless of the cryptic meaning behind it, this iconic pattern keeps fascinating.

MCM Visetos

MCM’s signature Visetos pattern has proudly signposted the label’s collections since its inception in 1976. This chic design expands on the brand’s logo that pays homage to King Ludwig I and neoclassicism, fusing it with diamond-shaped lozenges inspired by the Bavarian flag – a clear nod to the label’s hometown of Munich.

Dior Oblique

A monogram print seems to be the requirement for heritage fashion houses, so it should come as no surprise that Dior has one of its own. Created in the ‘70s by the legendary creative director Marc Bohan, the Dior Oblique has been revived by John Galliano, Maria Grazia Churi and Kim Jones, serving to prove that its beauty and appeal are seasonless.

Versace Baroque

Few motifs capture a label’s nature as accurately as Versace’s Baroque print does. It has it all – the richness, the colour and the unapologetic boldness that are the calling cards of this iconic Italian fashion house. Versace has many iconic prints under its belt, yet Baroque is undeniably one that guarantees instant recognition from fashion insiders.

William Morris

He was one, if not the most famous British textile designer. The late William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) taught himself embroidery, before he started dyeing fabrics for his manufacturing business: Morris & co. Highly prolific, he’s not known for just one iconic print but his work is still considered a staple of textile design today: some of his patterns are still in production and can be seen in museums and art galleries in the UK.

Emilio Pucci Kaleidoscope prints

Fans of the monochrome look away, as the next iconic print is dedicated to the lovers of all-things-colourful. Emilio Pucci’s signature kaleidoscopic patterns have first appeared on scarves in the ‘50s. They offer a unique fusion of shapes inspired by African motifs, Sicilian mosaics and the banners of Italy’s famous horse race Palio di Siena.

Fashion’s obsessions with these designs goes to show that a pattern can transform any staple.

MatchyMatchydesign strives to deliver timelessly appealing options to our clients, inspired by the greatest prints in fashion. Browse our collections now!

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