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Exclusive prints & patterns | Fashion - Home - Stationery

Our team of expert, creative surface pattern designers work hard all year round to produce vivid, original prints that can be used in every industry, from fashion, interior, and even stationery. Biannual collections are created with the needs of the industries in mind and are trend relevant especially to the field of apparel design. When an on-site design is purchased, it is taken off our website and the buyer has the exclusive rights to the print.

Each available textile pattern is created by an international collective of textile designers which bring their individual backgrounds and inspirations to the table. Oil pastels, inks, and paints are all used by hand to illustrate bold, contemporary graphics and to express a unique and unreplicable effect throughout the motifs. They are then digitized on the computer and tweaked as needed.

Discover a motley of striking original prints in our collections. Created by a team of 15 experienced textile designers, these trendy patterns are all illustrated by hand in various mediums and are available for exclusive use once purchased.

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    Vibrant colour schemes and bold designs are a core aspect of the textile prints you can find in Matchymatchy. As a London textile studio, we strive to create modern, original fabric patterns for our customers and to spread our love of colour through the work that we do. Decades of collective industry experience and passion for colour & design across our international team show in every print that we make. Exact colours and certain shapes in various textures invoke feelings that we wish to pass on to the rest of the world.
    Being a forward-thinking fabric print company, we ensure that our clients will always have the choice of fresh, contemporary prints with original and trend-relevant motifs. The creative process is essential on our journey – from putting together carefully curated moodboards, researching current and future trends, to exploring the infinite combinations of colour, each step is meticulously considered to its highest extent.

    custom Designs

    Custom print textiles are created based on each clients’ individual and specific requirements, and we work very closely with the customer during the creative process to establish unique textile designs. All of our designers illustrate by hand with various mediums like inks and paints, which are then digitized on the computer. We also handle the digitalization for brands that buy archives.

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    2022-2023 Trends

    Discover the next textile and print trends for fall-winter 2022-2023: a season of patterns with bold themes such as reconquest, folly or the return to the essential.

    2022-2023 Textile & Pattern trends

    At MatchyMatchy we are always on the hunt for the next pattern trends. Discover our thoughts and vision for the 2022-2023 textile design trends in our article below. If you share our vision or want to add your touch, please don’t hesitate to share your ideas of what the next big fashion & prints designs trends will be in the comments section.


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