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Iconic prints throughout fashion’s history

Iconic prints in Fashion

Is there a better way of proving the importance of patterns than by bringing up some of fashion’s most iconic prints? MatchyMatchyDesign has compiled a list of prints and patterns that hold cult status in the industry and have forever immortalised the names of the Houses that created them. Burberry Vintage Check It’s hard to […]

Best fabric printing books: our selection

When it comes to being an expert in any given category, we can probably all agree that reading is fundamental – and fabric printing is no different! MatchyMatchydesign has compiled a list of the best fabric printing books for both aspiring textile designers and industry insiders looking to deepen their knowledge. Our top 7 Textile […]

History of fabric printing

Though methods and designs have changed, fabric printing remains an ancient art whose roots trace back to the earliest civilisations. However, its purpose remains the same: to set yourself apart from others through patterns that resonate with your unique personality. At MatchyMatchydesign, we confidently take fabric printing into the new era while respecting the history […]

MatchyMatchy’s new website is live!

Welcome to our new MatchyMatchyDesign website! We are thrilled to have you here and have worked hard to create a brand new and beautiful site, where you will find all our latest collections, future trends in the print textile industry, articles on studio and fashion news, and much more!

Sustainability in the fashion industry in 2021

Sustainability is a word often used in these last five years or so, but it has been a progressive movement that has existed for a long time before that after people realised that the way things were going did not have longevity. As a London based textile print company, our metropolitan location has made it […]

MatchyMatchy’s next printing & textile events

Print source NYC Printsource New York is the Premier Market for Surface and Textile Design in the US. It holds three virtual shows per year from New York City, and Matchy will be attending the next one! Dates: August 17-18-19, 2021   Print days by La Trame La Trame is a French community of print […]