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2022-2023 Textile Print & Pattern trends

At Matchy Matchy we are always on the hunt for the next pattern trends. Discover our thoughts and vision for the 2022-2023 textile design trends in our article below. If you share our vision or want to add your touch, please don’t hesitate to share your ideas of what the next big fashion & prints designs trends will be in the comments section.


Winter 2022-2023


According to Nelly Rodi, the winter 2022-2023 trend will be marked by two concepts: the “returning to essential values” and the technological/futuristic world.

  • aspect: nature and the ultra-connected.
  • Colors: acidulous and vegetal.
  • Keywords: nature bath, soothing country, solar floral, autumnal folk.



Another trendy theme for winter 2022-2023: unreason – cool and crazy in derision, the imaginary world, and the return to the 70’s.

  • Colors: tonic pop / softer range, casual sport.
  • Keywords: sweet nostalgia, cute & kitsch, patchwork, floral.



The Phantasmagoria theme is mysterious, mutation, hypnotic

  • Colors: digital/human fusion, unreal, poisonous shades.
  • Keywords: fantastic vegetal, heady and luxuriant, mineral tachism, camo, nocturnal vibrations.



Finally the theme of the reconquest: urban, wild instinct.

  • Colors: shield, dark, in opposition with the animal mythology, chimeric creatures, range & neutral.
  • Keywords: lord of the bling, dinner at the castle, architectural heritage, esotericism, chimeric animals and predators.

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